The swarm intelligence systems are used in designing this proposal for the Taiwan Tower in Taichung, creating a bottom up logics in high-rise geometry. SOMA’s approach was aimed at achieving a multilayered, evocative tower appearance. Through use of algorithmic basis the natural processes applied in the organization of the design determine the visual aspect of the project. The Taiwan Tower showcases future architecture that learns from nature and deploys its underlying principles.

The non-hierarchical cluster of vertical geometries emerges from an open field base, letting the surrounding landscape to flow freely between the legs.  The biomimetic fibrous lamellas intertwine and connect to form a whole, while applying a set of digital models to organize the performative structure of the tower. The results are overlaid with functional requirements and further developed with the help of evolutionary structural software. At the eco-laboratories visitors can observe how piezoelectric halms produce energy by movement and transform them into light at night, resembling floating swarms of particles. The facades adapt to weather conditions by opening and closing and protect the visitors from sun and wind. The tower itself becomes a fully integrated part of the exhibition; it displays how the responsible use of natural resources can lead to architectural innovation and investigation that speaks to both imagination and emotions.

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