Editors’ Choice
2020 Skyscraper Competition

Qing Tianyi, Chen Zhi, Li Peiying, Jiang Xinjian, Sun Weixing, Zen Peiyun, Shi Yining, Zhang Jingbiao

A certain degree of fire is of positive significance for the renewal and regeneration of the forest ecosystem. However, when the fire is too large and difficult to control, the high temperature, smoke, and dust brought by the fire and the slow recovery of the ecosystem after the fire for nearly 100 years will cause incalculable damage to animals and plants, and even impact on human life.

Focusing on the current hot spots of Australian wildfires, we have built a tall tower in Australian forest by using the architectural method to meet the benefits of fires for the forest, at the same time, we have tried our best to control the extent and scope of the fires, and improve the recovery speed of the forest system.

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