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2016 Skyscraper Competition

Jia Yue, Shi Yuqing, Wang Haoyu, Li Zhibin, He Run, Yu Songqiao

A lot of research has been made by the international coral reef rebalancing plan. However, the general ecological restoration strategy is mainly based on two kinds of reproduction of coral. Most importantly, regulating the water temperature and salinity, and adjusting the water depth and illumination conditions. Using vertical stratification, the project simulates shallow marine layers of a coral reef ecosystem growth zone.

To be eco-friendly, the project has to be self-supporting. The stability of the project needs height, which is also essential for OTEC generating systems. The steam travels up a pipe into a turbine, where it generates electricity. The steam then condenses back to water and travels down to another heat exchanger, this one cooling the liquid with cold seawater from lower depths. From here, a pump brings it back up to the first heat exchanger, and the system continues on.

Magnetohydrodynamic Drive: Since the Base can be distributed to anywhere in need, it should be mobile. Magnetohydrodynamic Drive technology is used on our base as well as submarine which ships mature reef to nature ecosystem. An electric current is passed through seawater in the presence of an intense magnetic field, which interacts with the magnetic field of the current through the water.

Optical Chopper: Due to the very need of modification of solar radiation, a controllable light shield covers the Base. An optical chopper is a device which periodically interrupts a light beam.



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