Flo[bot] Field Release

By:  | December - 26 - 2013

Technology and society are co-evolutionary processes. As members of the creative vanguard of society, architects and designers are in the position to influence the direction of technology through their work. Drones, like any technology, are not inherently good or evil, but can be purposed for both good and evil ends. This project was undertaken in part to show one of the many peaceful applications which drone technology can be applied.

Much like the Spray Plastic House project by Archigram, this research is interested in exploring a new fabrication process and the ways in which this leads to new spatial, material, and organizational conditions that have the potential to affect society’s engagement with architecture and technology.

Although the man-machine relationship is often portrayed as science fiction of far-off fantasy, in reality we are moving closer to this singularity every day. Perhaps no group of people understand this better than returning veterans, who interact with this type of technology on a daily basis. For these men and women, the machines they use in war become almost part of their own body, as survival depends on it.

I AM ++ Retinal Substance
design team: Gabriel Morales-Olivares, Joseph Bailin, Ted St. Germain

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