Flood Skyscraper In Bangladesh

By:  | October - 26 - 2022

2022 Skyscraper Competition
Editors’ Choice

Yuqi Tian, Chenxi Ge, Yining Xu, Jiani Wu


The design site is located in Bangladesh. Due to the abundant rainfall and massive rivers which can be easily influenced by monsoon, there are often storms and floods caused by excessive surface runoff which causes great damage to the ground buildings and cultivated land. Bangladesh has a large population, and agriculture is the main source of its economy. Frequent rain and floods aggravate poverty here. This design is based on solving the frequent rain and flood problems in Bangladesh, using wind energy resources to drive the entire building, while purifying and uplifting the rain and flood water on the surface for human use. The building can turn “harmful water” into “useful water”. The lifted water reaches the roof tank first, and the water level can indicate the degree of flooding as a flood warning. Because there are shelter spaces and vertical farms in the building, it can not only solve the problem of personnel safety during storms and floods, but also solve the problem of famine to a certain extent, turning climate disadvantages into advantages. The excess purified water can be stored in the modular water tank. When the water volume is too large, it will be collected into the underground pipe network, and then turned into groundwater for storage. The water in the high tank can also store gravitational potential energy for power generation.

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