Fog-Catcher Skyscraper In Morocco

By:  | October - 24 - 2022

2022 Skyscraper Competition
Editors’ Choice

Yunhan Wang, Charles Tzu Wei Chiang

With rapid population growth and global warming, many countries have suffered from water shortage in recent years. Nearly a third of the world’s population lives in “highly water-scarce” countries. This proposal is designed for Morocco city in Africa, where 80% of water had been used for agriculture and facing issue of water shortage due to the issue of climate change. Over the past sixty years, the maximum number of days without rain has increased by fifteen days, and will continue to deteriorate at a rate of 10-15% per year in the future.

Concept of Fog Catcher Tower bases on netting façade applied on side of building facade for transforming fog to water to supply recycle and irrigation system of vertical agriculture. Traditional Morocco architecture had been referenced and extended in the vertical arrangement with various open space for ventilation. The local material helps to defense critical desert environment, and able to serve typical living style of Moroccan such as farming and leather dyeing. Rotation of building helps fog capturing in various directions through different time of day and season of year.

With water recycle system imbedded into building structure to support vertical agriculture, to create new living style for Moroccan. Like vertical oasis within desert, Fog Catch Tower transforms typical collective dwellings into a self-sufficient community. It suggests a new dimension of architecture design in respect of traditional culture and response to critical issues from local environment.

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