Folding Beijing

By:  | October - 8 - 2020

Editors’ Choice
2020 Skyscraper Competition

Zhang Mengwei, Xu Jianghuai, Jiang Jiayuan, Yang Shaoxin, Zhang Mengdi, Li Jiaxin

In ancient times, the Forbidden City was the core of Beijing City, surrounded by mountains dominated by Yanshan Mountains, forming a scene of “mountains outside the palace wall”. From the Forbidden City along the palace wall, you can see the hazy mountains in the distance. At that time, people were surrounded by nature, lived in poetic nature, and lived in harmony with nature.

With the development of China, Beijing began to expand rapidly. We have to demolish the old city wall located in the second ring road of Beijing and transform it into a wide road to bear heavy traffic pressure. In order to protect the city appearance of the old Beijing, the government stipulated that new buildings within the second ring road should not be built beyond the height limit.

In the 21st century, a large number of immigrants flock to Beijing, a metropolis, resulting in a large number of skyscrapers in Beijing. These skyscrapers encircle the old urban area within the second ring road and change the skyline of Beijing. The skyline of Beijing has changed from the natural form of distant mountains to the cold lines connected by the mechanical high-rise roof. Beijing is more like a skyscraper outside the second ring road.

The skyscrapers in Beijing shield the mountains in the distance, making people gradually assimilated by machines and forgetting the poetry of nature. We want to get back to the feeling of being surrounded by nature and solve the problem of too dense population in Beijing. We try to combine skyscrapers with mountains to create a new Utopian mountain

As one of the most developed international metropolises, Beijing is also facing huge social problems. The population of Beijing has exceeded 21.54 million, including a large number of floating population. Beijing’s housing prices are very high, high-rise buildings are very dense. Too many people bring traffic jams and employment difficulties. In such a busy city, people have long forgotten to embrace their nature.

We put residential space, office space, education space, and social public space into new skyscrapers, making this new “mountain” a folded city. In this way, the vertical interpretation of the city is completed, and the perfect integration of the city and nature is realized. The mountain will hold about 5000000 people and provide sufficient service space.

The outer side of the skyscraper is a flat glass surface, which can reflect the skyscraper and the natural mountain in the distance, and realize self-concealment. Near the Forbidden City is a newly built mountain. People can enjoy climbing in the city. At the same time, on the new mountain, people can overlook the old urban area with the Forbidden City as the center, forming an organic interactive relationship. People in the old city can no longer see groups of skyscrapers when they look around. What they can see is a new nature that surrounds them. In addition to the regular living and office space, the new skyscraper also has a cave-like public activity space, which gives people a natural and organic experience.

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