Polish architects Jakub Fiszer, Piotr Pyrtek, and Tomasz Salamon unveiled a futuristic proposal to make our cities greener. It is estimated that in 2013 more than half of the world’s population will be living in urban settlements. The neck-break pace of urbanization has left our cities with a constant lack of infrastructure, high pollution levels, and poor urban and architectural design.

The main idea behind Bio-City is to use nanotechnology and biogenetics to transform a normal vine into a “city-vine”. This new type of plant will be able to grow faster, attach to a variety of surfaces and expel more oxygen through an accelerated metabolism. The intent is to cover with city-vines certain areas of the most polluted cities around the globe. City-vines will provide shelter from the elements through green canopies, will decrease de amount of CO2 and will also be a source of bio-fuels that eventually will replace the consumption of fossil energy.

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