This piece of public art was chosen as the winning proposal among three finalists for the new transit center being built in North Redondo this year. Located at the entry plaza location at Kingsdale Avenue, designed by Marc Fornes/THEVERYMANY in cooperation with Volkan Alkanoglu, the project is a piece of urban furniture, announcing the city of Redondo Beach to arriving visitors.

“Gate Wave” is designed to serve as a communication device, allowing the public to interact and engage with the variety of moiré effects within the colorful pattern and ephemeral qualities of light and shadows.  The design is 13.5 feet at its highest and almost 50 feet wide at its base. It will be constructed using concrete footings, a timber frame structure, and anodized aluminum in four total layers, with cyan and lime colorations on the interior aluminum and white on the outside.

The project had to overcome two major objections: the possibility of misusing the structure as a skateboarding ramp, as well as the fact that the project lapped beyond the constraints set forth in the Request for Proposals. Despite these issues, along with concerns regarding the effects of the ocean air’s on the anodized aluminum shapes near the top of the sculpture, the artwork will be built later this year.

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