Philippe Arnihac and Nicolas Gervais, architects from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emerites, have designed “Green Towers,” a mixed-use, double-skyscraper complex that houses a mall, offices, a hotel and individual apartment units, as well as multiple levels of hanging gardens.

According to the architects, the two towers symbolize Abu Dhabi’s great density and diversity; they are united in an accessible way into one structure that serves the keep the city lively with shopping, tourists and more.

The towers feature ample green space so as to be “a theater of nature’s representation” for the city where they’re located. The buildings’ hanging parks sit between every ten levels and have a height of eight meters, making them tall enough to accommodate full-grown trees.

Naturally, a building concerned with being “green” will also need to be built sustainably; as such, this structure has photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, solar panels to provide hot water, and rainwater recycling system to water the building’s ample gardens.

The building’s large base is where the retail and office spaces are located. Atop this base is a large outdoor garden, in the middle of which rises the two towers, which house private residential units. Connecting the towers in the middle is a hotel. By providing a myriad of uses for the city, the Green Towers sustainably bring new life – both in the form of revenue activity and green growth – to Abu Dhabi.

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