Graham Thompson, a recent graduate from The Bartlett School of Architecture in the United Kingdom proposed a new type of green urbanism based on synthetic hyper-structures. The aim of the project was the exploration of the integration of architecture and technology for creating a new kind of urbanism that rethinks urban density, personal spaces, and communal areas.

The proposal consists of urban farming zones, undulated surface towers, solar recharging zones, and recreational areas. The farming zones are designed as planes in multiple levels with its own watering and nutrient monitoring systems.

The towers stretch themselves vertically under the premise of a bionic tower to relocate a new urban biotope for the local flora and fauna and recreating a food production which is automatically managed by the inhabitants.  The distribution of flow is made around a spreading spine in the loop of numerous elevators. The use of truncated and elongated curvatures throughout the buildings calls for a better circulatory fluidity and accessibility by being able to mediate the environmental flows.

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