Hundreds of books have been written about New York City. There are books about its history, books on the best restaurants, books about its art and culture, and obviously books on its renowned architecture. A new book exemplary compiles the latest and most relevant architectural additions to the city. John Hill from A Daily Dose of Architecture presented his first book published by W. W. Norton & Company, Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture, in December 2011.

The book is compact enough to be your essential companion to your next visit to New York. The 200 projects selected and built since 2000 are organized according to their location within the city’s five boroughs. Each project is architecturally described according to its formal, spatial, and urban qualities. There is also information on its address, architect, and nearest subway station. A helpful inclusion is a series of neighborhood maps, 22 in total, with the location of the projects, subway stations, landmarks, parks, and a quarter-mile radius scale to help you gauge distance. Apart from the 200 built projects, John Hill included a last chapter with several projects on the drawing board, which will give you an idea of the city’s transformation within the next few years.

Finally there is a guide not focused on New York’s past architecture, but in its new additions, some which will become landmarks of our generation! Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture is an indispensable book to any architect or architecture aficionado visiting New York.

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