Commissioned by FOCUS Gallery Cape Town, the project reevaluates our perception of immediate spatial contexts by heightening the experience of being in a natural environment. According to the architect, Margot Krasojevic, the reinforced glass pods offer resting areas for climbers, but also prevent and contain anomalous perceptual experiences during mountain climbing. The spaces within the hotel can either enhance the perception of the surrounding area or block it to aid recovery and overexposure, depending on the desired effect. It is a hanging hotel with viewing platform, providing structural security for climbers and a rest stop to enjoy the view.

The glass spaces protect the climber form glare reflecting light in an uniform direction, creating an illusion that the sun at in a lower position than it is. The high tech prism louver system alters the views, controlling and editing mirages and illusions by using the prismatic optical elements which divide color with changing viewing points. The glass also filters the number and types of wavelengths entering the spaces, reducing the harmful UVB rays.

The main shell structures are made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer which is flexible yet strong. The whole structure is attached to the granite cliffs by the walkway, columns and horizontal foundations. The majority of the load is carried by columns, which sit into the rock and strengthen under load. Timber cross beams have triangular wedges attached to edge so when they are driven into trapezoidal holes in the cliff the wedges are pushed into the timber beams creating a very tight fit into the rock itself. The main body of the structure is partly supported by existing rock, it’s centre of gravity is positioned on the ledge allowing the structure to lean back into the granite cliff face making it easier to clip into the horizontal foundations.

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