Se’Paar is a series of hanging lighting fixtures designed by Taeg Nishimoto made of Buckram fabric. Buckram is a resin impregnated mesh fabric that sustains the form when they are manipulated with water and left to dry.

Two sheets of white and black fabric were first laminated to make a double layer of sheet for the stability. This double layer fabric was then cut into a specific proportion of a rectangle. This single sheet goes through the operation of first folding in the center, then cutting into certain length on both sides of the fold, and finally pulling the cut part together to make an overlap that forms two triangles at the overlap. This process results into a sheet that warps on both sides of the central fold. The black fabric is placed for the outside and inside is in white. Depending on the positioning of the fold and the length and direction of the cut, exactly the same operation results into different configurations.



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