The project is designed by Boston based PRAUD Studio as a competition proposal for the music-themed hotel in Jurmala, Latvia. The main idea was to take a more aggressive stand and focus on creating a unique experience of a “music park”. Creating an urban landscape, equivalent to the hotel’s natural surroundings resulted in an architecturally strong statement. An elevated structure  facilitating the new hotel was introduced to the site, achieving widely open public space on the ground level, and a better view of the Baltic Sea from the hotel rooms. Every room in the new mass has direct view towards the sea and has access to the balcony on the roof.

The structure is supported by multiple cones that contain public programs such as music café, restaurants, etc. By freeing up the ground level, and having hotel rooms separated from the public programs, the architects transformed the patio into a versatile, polyvalent public space, with a strong social connection to the city. The music park thus becomes a new venue for concerts, festivals, public performances in general. Because of its somewhat segregated treatment of different content, the hotel can run on different operational levels, depending on the season and activating specific parts of the new structure.

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