Plasma Studio was invited to contribute to a radical new design concept centered on the question of what would a hotel, where each floor was designed by a different firm, look like? Their answer is the fourth floor of the Hotel Puerta America in Madrid, Spain where the fragmentation of space evolves as guests move through it.

The corridor is made from stainless steel, which devised into angular sections in a parametric tunnel, compresses and releases as guests approach their room. LED lighting slices along the path with subtly changing hues to help guest recognize their location. Each floor is composed of two wings with 15 rooms to each side. The architects refer to the meeting of the two corridors as a Vortex, where the ceiling is lowered thus creating a cocoon like environment. Adjacent to the compressed space are windows overlooking the Madrid skyline.

The room’s entrance is designed as a fractured funnel, composed of the same steel finish as the hallways. Further inside softer materials pick up the formulation in glass, and eventually fabrics. LED lighting embedded in the ceiling continues the angularity even as the room takes on a more conventional form.

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