Designed by Anggoro Putro, Raul Renada

This project proposes the idea of living on the water surface instead of inland. It is not a problem-free solution but takes a small step of human-living evolution.

The first step of this project is to build this building on shore, where it still has a physical connection with the land nearby, such as bridges or piers. These buildings will interconnect with other similar concepts such as retail along the piers or transit nodes at the bridges. As we learn how to adapt and enhance the technology, we slowly move to off-shore areas and start to live independently; detached from the land. This proposal is also a logical and practical step to respond to the rising of sea levels due to the melting ice caused by global warming. Earth is covered with 70% water and this number will keep on increasing. Land will become scarce and it will be essential to sustain its natural properties for the life of humankind.

The building sits on a huge floating power generator which uses sea currents. Limitless resources from the sea, sun, and wind will give us abundant energy to sustain the habitat. This energy could be from one source or combined from wave, water temperature, and wind. The habitat is also designed in a way that will follow and flow with the movement of nature instead of against it. It mimics the flexible movement of leaves that respond to the direction of the wind, flowers face toward the sun or sea-turtles using the current as their path of travel across the ocean.

The building is a city by itself, a small district with its own activities. It accommodates places to work, play, and live. This floating structure also becomes part of a larger interconnecting network with other towers across the ocean and on shore. The building is also moveable like a giant ship that continues to adjust and move to find appropriate weather conditions.

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