The main purpose is to design a multifunctional complex for people with an interest in knowing about Islam during the time of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was the last big Islamic Empire and one of the most powerful during the Islamic era up until recent times. The building will serve as a hub for social activities and will portray the Ottoman Empire, especially, in an artistic sense.

The building conceived by Yusuf Onder will have a library, museum, lecture rooms, workshop level and a rooftop garden/cafe. Another goal is to offer people a place to learn and understand about this unique, hybrid of, culture and religion and it’s place in the Ottoman Empire in a hope to diffuse the sense of xenophobia towards the religion and culture. This thesis expounds on the, long old, idea of constant integration of religion and culture from history.

Users of the facility will comprise, the numerous tourists in the Bay Area San Francisco, especially those with a curiousity about the diversity of San Francisco and then the Islamic World. Another category of Users are tourists visiting San Francisco and the Site with the Contemporary Jewish Museum or the St. Patricks Church. This new architectural edifice complete the triangle of the major religions and becomes a beacon for unity.

San Francisco is deal for this kind of Center, because San Francisco as a multicultureal metrepolitan city is iconic for it’s integration of many sorts of people and socio-cultural ideas. Already exists in the city is a strong presence of other major religions eg. Christianity and Judaism amongst others: this last piece of the pseudo-puzzle would complete the already begging polity for a complete and balance hybrid society. It would be examplary for San Francisco to have or to show the World how open minded they are and with a Topic as sensitive as an Islamic Culture Center it would win the Hearts Muslims around the World.

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