Editors’ Choice
2020 Skyscraper Competition

Arnold Siregar, Patar Aprianus

Papua is the largest province of Indonesia and located in the west part of the island of Papua. Its great natural beauty and resources have provided a living for a population of more than 1 million people. The amount of tribe in Papua is more than a thousand tribe which give its complexity of living in its natural habitat. To this day, most of this tribe is still living in primitive life with no touch of modernization. Poverty, health, and education issues have been the main issues over the years.

Main Idea
The idea of Jungle Fair-Scraper is a springboard for a bright future in Papua as this tower can link each district and as a landmark of their location who stay in the midst of the jungle with difficult access due to an extreme topography and minimum infrastructure to connect one to another district around. Jungle Fair Skyscrapper as a torch of new hope for young Papuan in the future without even forcing someone away from their lovely hometown. The tower provides education facilities, health care, and government services. Jungle Fair Skyscrapper is a “SQUARE” for the neighborhood. Also, the skyscraper idea is so relevant for the extreme nature of Papua as it’s surely can reduce the carbon footprint of the development in this scenic place.

Inspired by the local traditional houses, Rumah Honai and Rumah Pohon (also known as Rumah Tinggi), the building is a hybrid concept of both local architectures. The vertical accents on the wall of this both traditional building also shown again on the exterior of the building. We decide to adopt the idea of Honai and Rumah Pohon and mix them together to create a new face of local architecture that can represent Papua from all cultures and backgrounds.

This new Papua’s skyscraper will have the main functioning as follow:  

Public Area
Town square as a space to accommodate Papua’s tribe big tradition such as barapem/ bakar batu, ararem, mansorandak and located at the center of its public area.

Papua is still burdened with a lot of health issues with a lot of causes. To counter this health issue, each tower will provide a healthcare facility or as known as Puskas.

Human development index in Papua is below average and it’s triggered by an economic issue that led to most of it children has to quit school, unaware of the importance of education, lack of teaching resource and language barrier. The tower will provide school from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high to senior high school.

The main sector of the economy is farming, plantation, stock breeding, fishery, and forestry. The tower will provide a market for each tribe to sell their stock.

Public Service
This new skyscraper provides a dedicated area for public service and maintaining the government.

Aside from providing elements mentioned above, this building also produces natural resources for domestic use. Producing clean water, gas, and electricity through fog harvesting and biogas system, both are located at the crown and lower level of the building with details as follows:

Fog harvesting
To provide clean water, this tower will be equipped with a fog harvesting system on its crown. Fog harvesting is typically installed in areas where the presence of fog is naturally high, typically coastal and mountain regions. It constructed in the forms of a mesh net, erected perpendicular to the path of the wind. The gravity pulls the water into the storage tank.

The purpose of this biogas is to provide access for free gas to the locals for their domestic use. This system is attached at the bottom of the tower.

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