Kokuy Architecture – Housing

By:  | February - 3 - 2010

Special Mention – 2007 Housing Competition
Project by: Larisa Kuvtyreva


Kokuy Housing

This project is a redevelopment idea for the waste grounds in the suburbs of the Russian city of Kokuy. The majority of the existing houses will be restored and three new egg-shaped buildings will provide the new necessary housing. These structures will be covered with solar panels that will move according to the sunlight. Movable screens cover the entire outer skin and are used to regulate the temperature and the illumination. The main structure is formed by four columns that support a secondary structure around the ‘eggs’.

The project will be constructed in four stages and will accommodate recreational areas for the community. A new transportation system will communicate the new development with the city in less than ten minutes. Artists will be invited to decorate the facades and contribute to exhibitions in the new galleries.





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