Man’s obsession with grandeur and indulgent creations has led to iconic absurdity. We are the generation that will suffer at the hands of the creators of a wasteful era. These icons must and therefore shall fall.

The globally conscious society; calculating and reacting to these fluctuations will become part of an imperative process that will enable a reaction for designers of space. A new and expressive type of architecture is needed as well as the cities that reflect the needs and demands of them, solutions that consider the global and local dilemmas is imperative to humanities progression. “La cattedrale” designed by James Goldsby is a socially responsible building that aims to deliver a message to the users of the space through religious architecture influencers. A message that every action has a reaction. The building is able to adapt to interaction, the structure is able to adjust and move using simple but intelligent joint systems that have the ability to alter atmospheres and by extension the sensation of spaces which effect the user(s). Every element of the building has been designed to allow transformation, replacement and reinterpretation by designing a system that the average man can construct and maintain to remove dependence on other systems which enables each individual and gives them the responsibility to affect their own environment, hold ownership over it and encourage an ideology of socially and mutually responsible living.

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