Integrated into the wall, the lighting system consists of a variable number of identical modules. Linked to create a dynamic mosaic that interacts with the user, the modules can be manipulated to achieve a game of light, shapes and contrasts. As the user starts opening the modules, the light is unveiled through bright emitting, or reflecting surfaces. The light can be integrated into the existing construction material, and becomes a variation of it. The manipulation of the structure creates shades of different qualities.

The Light-Form project was designed by Francesca Rogers, in cooperation with Daniele Gualeni Design Studio for ILIDE – Italian Light Design. It uses an innovative technology of flexible wood (Italian patent). The modular panels can be combined in various ways, adding to the game the emotion of natural wood and the purity of OLED light. The project prototype was presented for the first time during the Milan Design Week in 2010, and has attracted considerable attention. The product will be distributed by the ILIDE (Italian Light Design) in 1m x1m modules with different configurations which can be easily assembled to cover any surface.

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