Designed by Meridian 105 Architecture, Lincoln Mixed Use is a proposal for an urban mixed-use complex in Denver, CO, consisting of a hotel, retail, parking structure, restaurant, and movie theater. The building is sited on a transition lot between high-rise residential and a primary commercial corridor running through the city. Overlapping, cross circulation is established onsite, easing visitors through the various program uses between these two zones.

The building enclosure employs an aggressive energy strategy, with the hotel facade designed to perform as a twin glazed assembly, but consisting of prefabricated window units in lieu of labor intensive curtainwall installation. The units have densely fritted top and side panels angled to resist solar gain into the cavity during the summer, while allowing it to heat the shell in the winter. The facade is naturally vented in the summertime by the heat stack effect, with air intake at the base and exhaust at the top.

High efficiency vertical terminal air conditioners are integral to the prefabricated window unit, minimizing both energy consumption and installation expense of the mechanical system. The movie theater facade is constructed with an exterior solar wall, a series of metal panels set in front of the weather enclosure, trapping warm fresh air for distribution to the building interior during the winter season. In the summer months, the panels shade the glazing. Deap retail spaces take advantage of natural light with repetetive skylights and atriums, minimizing electrical lighting loads by taking advantage of daylighting.

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