Part art installation, part portable sanctuary, the “Ma Bulle, Ma Plante, & Moi” (My Bubble, My Plant, & Me) exhibition by Amaury Gallon recently placed several transparent, plant-filled bubble structures on the streets of Paris to provide passers by with 15 minutes of inspiration, beauty, and fresh air.

Four bubble gardens in total were constructed. One bubble overflowed with plants to be a “jungle;” another was filled with hundreds of orchids that were woven around the metal supports that comprised the bubble’s frame. All featured hundreds of lush plants and flowers, which were visible through the clear cover that enclosed the bubbles, which were wrapped around the metal frame.

The exhibition was sponsored by the Dutch Flower Council, and celebrated a recently released statistic that stated that eight out of ten French households have indoor plants. The bubbles were constructed with Andy Warhol’s idea of “15 minutes of fame” in mind: the small gardens could, instead, provide “15 minutes of green.”

The gardens were located, from Nov. 26-28, 2010 in Gare Montparnasse, Place Saint Germain, Bercy Village and Place Colette. Though their lifespan was brief, the innovative pop-up structures provided accessible greenhouses – and a few moments of reviving serenity – to pedestrians in Paris’s bustling winter streets.

via Inhabitat

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