The Flower of Life is as core symbol for a proposed sanatorium in Mariahof, Austria by Atelier Thomas Pucher. A place of residence those in a vegetative state and for their families, the design is the metamorphosis of the symbol of life in many world cultures. Developed to provide spiritual uplift for what often is a fearful and difficult transition the sanatorium’s concentric circular form embeds a cultural narrative on the cycle of birth and death.

Found throughout nature in the form of seed pods and flowers the motif has been widely used throughout the world in design. Increasingly complex versions of the motif show up in architecture like Catholic Church rose windows and Islamic design motifs. The richly detailed roof is the result of overlapping concentric circles set to a grid with sections highlighted. The vesica piscis shape is considard a sacred geometry, especially in Christan traditions.

The simple rectangular floor plan has a daylit center with private rooms flanking the exterior. The ground floor holds office space, meeting rooms and some patient rooms. The upper story is dedicated to patients with both floors having a “room of lights” in the center. The symbolic quality and core diffused day-lit space provides comfort for both residences and family.

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