Part of a distinctive plywood collection of furniture designed by Lazerian, the Mensa Collection includes models that use various connecting methods of bolting and self-interlock. With the use of CNC router, these models are further advanced to find structural forms capable of supporting weight. This specific collection uses both raw and laminated birch plywood. The Mensa table is constructed and held together with stainless steel fixings. The modular pieces are bolted onto a stainless steel base and a 6 mm piece of toughened glass.

The name for the collection is derived from two Latin words: mēns, which means ‘mind’, and mēnsa, which means ‘table’ symbolizing the original conception of the society, ‘a round table where no one has precedence’. These light and sophisticated plywood-objects, which get their stability by the artfully patterned and flexible structure, are engaging examples of computer aided design.

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