Egyptian architect Karim Elnabawy unveiled his design for a sustainable power plant in Dubai. His project was designed as part of the Land Art Generator Initiative which goal is to design and construct a series of public art installations that combine avant-garde aesthetics with clean energy generation. Karim’s project takes advantage of the harsh weather conditions in Dubai with a project that harness wind and solar energy through different methods.

The design consists of a large metallic surface with two towers that emerge from it. The intention is to use the sun to heat the air underneath the surface. Hot air will later ascend through the towers (chimneys) while powering wind turbines.  At the same time, the entire surface is covered with photovoltaic panels that will provide enough power for the adjacent neighborhoods.  Another interesting aspect of the design is the filaments that cover the wind exposed façades of the towers. These filaments oscillate with the wind and produce energy in a similar way as tidal waves are used at sea.

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