The proposal by four Singapore designers for a Migratory Park in the bustling capital of the country is one that seeks to bring respite to both humans and birds alike.

The Migratory Park tower, created by Earl Monroe Magale, Hinn Ong, Jirawit Yamkleeb and Darren Yio, will be located in the Orchard Road district of Singapore, one that’s characterized by high-end malls and designer flagship stores. Nearby Lucky Plaza is the hub of the city’s Filipino community, which has many members who immigrate to the country to find work. Lucky Plaza serves as an important place for recreation and relaxation for the hardworking Filipinos, but the parks and open space in the vicinity is quickly disappearing because of Orchard Road’s valuable land prices.

The Migratory Park is a vertical green space that serves, then, as a tranquil place to gather for the migrant workers of Singapore, but also for local residents shopping in the area, and even migratory birds seeking to nest in a lush spot n the middle of the city’s bustle. The tower is formed from two interlocking, star-shaped helixes that house “RC pods.” The pods are green vegetation spaces that also catch rainwater; a complex structuring of the pods within the tower brings the structure protection from both the sun and prying eyes wanting to see into the tranquil spaces within.

As a calm and clean place, the design of the Migratory Tower fits in with Singapore’s passion for neatness (it is the only country in the world where chewing gum is illegal), and its function brings a peaceful environment for the people of the city’s busy retail hub.

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