Montpellier Tree Skyscraper

By:  | March - 30 - 2011

2011 Skyscraper Competition

Eric Gangaye, Frédéric Velaye Andy, Alvin Pakeeroo, Yann Terrer, Thomas Liaigre

Montpellier is one of the largest cities in France and the fastest growing one. Located in the southern part of the country and with access to the Mediterranean Sea it has been a strategic urban settlement since medieval times.

The Tree Skyscraper is a proposal to use a vertical structure to link several horizontal isolated neighborhoods of the city. Five main branches connect to Montepellier’s urban nodes and serve as circulation pathways between the city and the new development. The building is a mixed-use skyscraper focused on sustainability with solar panels, wind turbines, water collection systems, and hanging gardens at different levels.

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