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If Lake Garda is as popular of a mountain biking destination as rumored, then no doubt this newly proposed hotel will make a big splash in the mountain biking community. Designed specifically with mountain bikers in mind, ‘Hiding in Triangles’ is a hotel proposed for the cliffs right above Italy’s largest lake, which is half way between Milan and Venice. Triangular shapes distinguish the architecture of this incredibly modern hotel making it hard to miss on the cliffs above the beautiful Italian lake.

Lake Garda is an popular tourist destination with a number of exclusive resorts and hotels along its shores. Soon the shores may also include this exclusive mountain bike specific hotel is designed by Philip Modest Schambelan and Anton Fromm, located on the edge of the Pregesina, perched on the side of a cliff 500 meters above the water. This spectacular location not only offers unparalleled views of the lake and surrounding hills, but also provides immediate access to the trails surrounding the lakes. Visitors who come to the lakeside hotel, literally have bike-in, bike-out access and the hotel is designed to accommodate bikes in every manner possible.

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The geometry of the hotel is laid out in triangles and connected to the side of the cliff via three strong cores lodged into the rock stabilizing the hotel. Ramps enter and exit the hotel in a number of places offering easy access to the six floors and creating a harmonious flow of bike and minimizing traffic. Each ramp is specifically designed for a 12 degree tilt to ensure easy access into the hotel. Ramps also lead directly to guests’ rooms and bikes can be stored inside.

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The top floor, Level 0, includes communal spaces like a coffee shop, snack bar, the sun deck and a media room. Natural daylighting is used extensively throughout the hotel to provide clear, bright light and also to bridge a strong connection with the natural beauty surrounding the cliffside resort.

Philip Modest Schambelan

Anton Fromm

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