The 10th anniversary of the Museumsquartier Vienna was celebrated with a commission of a mapping façade projection by Urbanscreen. The 8 minute piece MQ10 | Architectural Staging, projected on two full sides of the Leopold Museum’s austere walls, is based on the architectural elements of the building itself. The non-narrative video mapping immediately ‘folds’ the walls into parametric forms and rebuilds the building in continually abstract ways.

Sound accompanies as a reinforcement of the piece, typically referencing the illustration of movement. The building’s deconstruction is complete and then re-illuminated to a brilliant white monolithic block to begin the process of reformulation again.

The relationship between the projected image and the existing façade never cleaves far from one another, relying on relationships of existing space to invent new hypotheticals in time/space motion arts. Often the bricks of the building are referenced as a background grid to reinforce the reality of the structure. Even as a human figure is introduced the action plays off of the wall’s hard edges, stretching three dimensional geometry into the center of the space from the building’s corners.

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