museum entrance plaza

The animal rights activism art-based education facility, Museum of Compassion designed by ANX/Aaron Neubert Architects will be located in Louisville, Kentucky. An interstitial space that is bounded by park amenities such as tennis courts, hiking trails, nature preserve on the north; single family residential development on the east and west; and a zoo on the south side serves as the project site.

The architecture consists of a rectangular steel frame pavilion within a park setting – altered by five pro¬grammatic impressions. These impressions consist of the Lobby, the Conference Room, the Art Studio, the Visiting Gallery, and the Administration Offices each engaging the exterior landscape, as well as altering the contiguous space of the exhibition hall. The perimeter spaces are clad in reclaimed local wood, while the exhibition hall provides an immersive and ephemeral experience through the deployment of envelop¬ing translucent roof monitors. The perforated steel exterior cladding evokes local industrial archetypes, yet presents a soft and translucent object resting on the landscape.


museum entrance



ground plan

longitudinal section

cross section





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