My Green World /2D3D

By:  | June - 18 - 2012

Orange stained Finnish hardwoods wrap an egg shaped pavilion dubbed “My Green World” designed by 2D3D. The project took only 6 months from concept to completion using roboticly precut wood members with a resulting woven exterior reminiscent of a seed. The building was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation for the Floriade 2012 Expo in Venlo, the Netherlands.

The self supporting wooden sphere stands 15 meters tall, 35.2 meters long, and 14.4 meters wide. Units were built as ‘cartridges’ off-site and assembled into a self supporting grid. All wood is sustainably harvested.  The timber strand beams and stained plywood skin is gridded with large windows throughout. Set to the solar south the structure is evenly daylit and illuminated by LED lighting at night. A separately supported floor is entered though an elevated bridge.

Like a great orange seed parlaying its environmental message the color reflects the Dutch’s relationship with the glowing color. Originally the color of the royal family orange has become a mark of Dutch popular society evidenced in 30’s wealthy circles to the national football team. The 1200 square meter program contains Dutch environmental innovation displays and will be turned into offices after the expo concludes.

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