The proposed Nakheel Tower in Dubai is set to be the world’s tallest building after completion in 2020 with a total height of more than one kilometer. The mix-use development will include a harbor, a cultural podium, and residential districts in the heart of the New Dubai Development.

The tower conceived by Woods Bagot was inspired on visions by Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and Paolo Soleri as the first true vertical city where more than 15,000 inhabitants will live and work.  The tower also aims for LEED Platinum certification through the implementation of a vast array of green technologies like black water treatment, storm water harvesting, reuse of fire test water, solar panels, wind turbines, and high voltage power distribution.

The tower is divided into four separate towers with two slots through the height of the tower to allow wind pass through the structure. This innovative concept will reduce the wind loads and will allow for larger floor plates on the higher levels – skyscrapers usually taper towards the top due to wind forces.  With more than 200 floors, the four towers will be connected by bridges every 25 floors that will serve as ‘sky-lobbies’ and recreational areas that will include restaurants, parks, and gyms among other amenities.

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