The design of the new Viewpoint on the Pulpit Rock in Norway, is an attempt to combine art with architecture. Based on the famous painting “The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali, fly Architecture wanted to take the surrealistic melting clocks as a template for the design of the new observation deck. A part of the rock is carved out to give the impression of a giant eye. In this cavity, a grandstand is provided with stairs and around it an aluminum/glass structure is stretched. This glass roof with the underlying grandstand, invites visitors to linger both in sunny and rainy weather.

In addition, the glass has a special coating. It allows the usage of augmented reality technology. With this technology reality and virtuality is reconciled. Thus, numerous opportunities arise. e.g. it is now possible provide the viewer additional information on the region, the climate just by looking at the sky. Additionally, small events such as movie-nights can be held on the platform.The layout of the new observation deck offers the visitor an unique experience of space and beyond that a distinctive perception from a distance.


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