Small spaces influenced the concept behind the News Coffee Table, a three section surface radiating from a central newspaper and magazine repository. Taking the traditional newspaper rack and combining it with a coffee table is certainly not new, but Architect Boris Ignatov’s unique but simple solution is to turn the fold 120 degree and connect the receptacle with a flat surface. The casual nature of the design has the quality of origami, radiating outward and offering easy access to periodicals for casual reading.

The small table suits users from any angle making it much more flexible in a cramped living space.  With a hexagonal footprint the furniture’s unique shape fits into tight arrangements and does not impair traffic flow. Wheels are set on each corner of the table to ease movement. Because each leaf is identical they can be nested into each other for storage and pack into a 24 inch square box.

The table measure 36 inches across and 18 inches tall and is available in four standard colors or custom Pantone and RAL colors.

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