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The new luxury apartment complex, 100 Eleventh Avenue with it’s glittering glass facade, opens this month. Designed by French Architect Jean Nouvel, the 23-story condominium building faces the Hudson River with a front facade composed of 1,700 panes of glass, each set at a different angles and torques to better reflect the light. It’s a striking building that certainly lends a bit of character as well as glamour to the Chelsea neighborhood. On top of that, it’s aiming for LEED certification, with a long laundry list of sustainable building elements to prove its worthiness.

While the front side of the building is sheathed in glass, the backside is constructed from a simple black brick with windows punched through all the way up to the top. From the outside, the placement of the windows seems random, but from the inside, great care was taken to position each window to provide a picturesque view of a NYC landmark, like the Empire State Building. As Nicolai Ouroussoff of the New York Times describes it, 100 11th Avenue is a, “mix of grit and glamour — embodied in a glittering facade that seems to have been wrapped around the curved front of a black brick tower like a tight-fitting sequined dress.”

 Inside the luxury apartment building, is a spa, fitness center, indoor/outdoor pool, and a private garden. On the bottom floor in the entrance, is a suspended garden with mature trees and perennials cantilevered within the building’s structure. The top floor penthouse features a sky atrium and private rooftop terrace. The apartments themselves are selling for a pretty penny, going anywhere from to $1.6 to $22 million.

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Nouvel’s apartment building was designed to both stand out in the Chelsea neighborhood as well as blend in, and part of that blending in includes having a lower environmental impact. The structure is set to receive LEED Certification and includes the use of non-toxic and recycled materials and energy efficient design. At least 50% of the wood used is FSC certified and the walls are painted with low VOC paints. Recycled content materials as well as other low VOC materials, like sealants and carpeting are used throughout. Natural daylighting pours in through the floor to ceiling windows, which will help reduce the use of artificial lighting, while operable windows allow for fresh air and natural ventilation.

Although it is super pricey, the dazzling apartment complex is getting a lot of notice, not only for it’s glittering facade, but for the architect behind it and all the sustainable features included.

Via New York Times and gbNYC

photos via NouvelChelsea.com, Curbed and WiredNewYork

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