Kaohsiung, the largest port city in Taiwan, is in need of a cruise ship passenger terminal and public face for its contribution to the islands growing cultural importance. Sun and Associate’s submitted proposal for the Passenger Transportation District for the Port of Kaohsiung is a sweeping architectural statement on public use and green urban design. The obvious allusion to a wave creates a welcoming sensibility to visitors and speaks to the islands relationship to the sea. The building’s mixed use as a conference center, office, port and urban park expand the programs flexibility and public/ private accessibility.

The façade is oriented to maximize solar gain in the form of daylight, both direct and indirect, and for a solar electric array on the roof. Roof fenestration, mimicking the solar panels help light the main atrium. The southwest glazing system is protected from direct solar gain by an exterior adjustable louvered wall consisting of reused shipping containers. The eastern approach is gradually graded toward the main bulk of the facility with a substantial green roof and public park located over the terminal and underground parking.

The atrium is linked to other interior spaces by double height open corridors and landings. Internal linkages encourage group assembly. The interior also contains undesignated floor area to adapt for further growth.

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