Parametric Designed Easter Egg

By:  | April - 19 - 2012

Fourfoursixsix (Daniel Welham & Mark Nicol) were invited to participate as one of the artists for the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt. The city will became home to 200 giant and uniquely crafted Easter eggs for an event that is a first of its kind, aiming to raise vital funds for charities Action for Children and Elephant Family, inviting tourists, locals, and visitors to join in a truly magical experience.

As an architecture practice, Fourfoursixsix  felt it would be both topical and interesting to apply a set of architectural principles to the overall geometric form of the egg. Through this process they played with structure, light, and shadow and began to develop a three dimensional architectural terrain.

Conceptually, the design works around a rational grid of components that have been configured to react to both light and scale over the surface of the egg. Each component was designed to incorporate an aperture which could adapt to these changing surface conditions, thus altering the patternation of the egg.

Working with EOS, the world leading manufacturer of laser-sintering systems and Ogle Models, exquisite cutting edge Model Makers, has enabled the construction of a piece that is at the forefront of three dimensional printing technology. The end result is a delicate, intricate and complex piece that intrinsically connects back to the original Fabergé brand concept. In some ways, their design brings this concept into the modern era on a larger physical scale; a piece of 21st Century digital opulence.

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