Parametric Timber Pavilion

By:  | November - 1 - 2012

The pavilion designed by Ramboll Computational Design is based on a form-found surface based on a mathematical idealisation of the traditional Antoni Gaudi or Frei Otto approach but modified to a more realistic form using our original research. The shell is discretised into a planar three-valence mesh using an innovative algorithm, thereby allowing the free form surface to be constructed with flat panels. These panels are connected with custom made stainless steel hinges and the structure works as a fully pinned structure with no bending capacity between the panels. The structure is designed to withstand accidental loads, self-weight and additional dead loads, such as lighting fixtures. Edge stiffeners resist buckling of the free edges.

The panels are 15mm thick plywood and were fabricated using a three-axis CNC router. The routing included rebating of the hinges, drilling of holes for bolts and finally cutting the contours of the panels. The digital input to the router were drawings created using a parametric model developed in Grasshopper that places the hinges in the most favourable position. The pavilion is scheduled to be part of the Ecobuild Exposition 2013.

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