Parasite Office in Moscow

By:  | June - 10 - 2011

The Parasite Office designed by za-bor architects rises from in-between two buildings to offer an alternative to office spaces all over the world. The 230 square meters office is nestled between two residential buildings, occupying the space which was left unused until its construction. Moscow was the perfect place for the architects to present their project at the architectural biennale АRCH Moscow.

The wide passages between the buildings of Moscow are perfect for such innovative construction like the Parasite Office, creating new urban developments for creativity-related working spaces. The first office constructed like this will be za bor’s office. A three-floor volume with an accessible roof area will be the main volume of the office, which will be divided by modular floor panels. The light and durable cellular polycarbonate used for the facade of the polygonal volume will ensure the architectural beauty of the project, while the part facing the other side is flat and completely glazed. It still amazes me how architects constantly reshape out cities.

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