The intention of this project designed by disguincio&Co is to occupy anthropized contexts, where the green is extremely controlled or even absent, to make ready an infrastructure able to sew up again different economies (in a classical way) in a single system: a connection between flora, fauna and the urban landscape, in its different characters, physical and psychological. This project collect many aspects: it is a system, an ecology, a roof, a place.

The main structure is based on the Splinetex technology, that basically is a composite pipe: steel core in a PVC glove, reinforced with a carbon fiber strata. The composite pipes are woven to make a compact, elastic and light whole, that anchors itself to the ground and the adjacent buildings. The structure is covered by a layer of PET and Titanium oxide able to absorb pollutant in the air and transform them into fertilizer for the climbing plants that grows through the pipes. A system of optical fibers distributes in defined points, a not invasive soft illumination.

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