Park Place Wuhan / 5+design

By:  | September - 22 - 2014

Spanning over 20 acres in Wuhan, China, 5+design‘s Park Place is a large mix use development which just broke ground. It merges high end retail, residential and commercial spaces with an agrarian program. The 164k sq. meter retail space is tiered from the street front and allows pedestrians full access through the vegetated rooftops. The shopping center is anchored with a large atrium and sky bridge. The open terraced floor plan, greenscape, and farming component counters the cosmopolitan venue thus creating a diverse and dense set of experiences.

An urban farm is incorporated further back into the program which provides local food and reconnects the city to the rural landscape. It is a focal point for residences to engage with sustainability and organic farming adjacent to where they live and shop. Located on several levels and the retail rooftop the urban farming component is a response to and creates awareness and engagement with the pressing demand for food as well as linking with the traditional roll of agriculture in the region.

The tight merging of residential and retail condenses and expands the potential of mixed use development. A 150k sq. meter office tower is incorporated adjacent to the retail. Connected by transportation centers the project is pedestrian oriented with sky bridges and balconies a core design element for engaging with the facilities.

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