Designed as a main venue for the celebration of the patron of Lisbon, the Party Animal Project is a temporal structure acting as a new center of cultural activities. The structure itself is made from prefabricated modular pieces. Triangulated and winding, the form resembles the historic “Casa dos Bicos”, while alluding to the typical balloon festivals in San Antonio.

Functioning as a protection against rain, the plastic installation leaves the historic monument in the back completely visible from all sides of the square. At night, the scene is illuminated from within, transforming the installation into a picturesque imagery. The materialization is done with waterproof textiles, laser-cut parts and structured on “standard PON”, traditionally used in indoor exhibition spaces. The backlight, which allows radical changes in the effect of stage on the public space during the day and night, is made with 20 light bulbs arranged in diagonal. Built from recycled materials and reusable, this project part of a sustainable logic, also economically, as the small investment took place only in extraordinary differentiators of the project.

From an urban perspective in the medium and long term, this temporary action, beneficial to the local community throughout the month of June, is likely to have beneficial consequences for the place in general, as the space of the square has been designed to facilitate urban life and culture of the city.

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