Editors’ Choice
2019 Skyscraper Competition

Li Yuang

Liangshan Prefecture has a large number of elderly people. Therefore, the pension skyscraper will be located in Liangshan Qionghai Sea. The site has a large number of water resources and is located in the seashore and mountains. In the design, considering the local sunshine intensity, we want to adopt some methods to reduce the temperature of the building and shield the sunshine. Water has good specific heat capacity and can absorb long and short wave radiation, so it can effectively reduce the temperature and shield the sun.

Water collection can be divided into two ways: collecting rainwater through building platforms: extracting water from the Qionghai Sea through pipeline equipment. Rainwater collected through the platform can be divided into two categories after purification: hot water and cold water. Hot water can supply indoor swimming pools and showers. Coldwater forms waterfalls between the layers of the building, which can effectively shield the incoming sunlight and reduce the indoor temperature. Coldwater can also irrigate roof gardens and some green plants in the house.

Taking into account the cultural elements of China, the shape of the building is designed with the Dougong(the system of wood brackets on the top of a column supporting the crossbeam) as the starting point, and the shape changes are shaped by reversing the Dougong and rotating it upside down.

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