Pin-plant is an¬†installation designed by Stewart Hicks and Allison Newmeyer from Design With Company like a series of experiments – an examination and interpretation of humanity through anthropomorphism and color. Finding the fantastic in the systematic. What do our desires to personify computer parts express about us? It all began with an old computer motherboard. At first it was a city scape, then a vast mechanical microcosm, with circuits leading this way and that- a garden of forking paths if you may- immediately immense and endless. Aggregating in intense exchanges of information- where color became landmark and organization revealed a scale of part to whole most basic in its arrangement, yet complex in possibility. It’s efficiency a testament to its time. Technology of foreign pieces. But what did we want to do with it? We wanted to give it life to understand it. Aestheticize it until it could be more than a commentary on the mechanics of things. Through sculpture, the conventional exformative connections are disconnected.

Geometry reminiscent of Buckminster Fuller is structurally efficient until it is not. The 5000 buttons are each an self-sufficient display unit, complete with a devices for hanging and protection; at once a painting, one pixel of digitally sampled color, and an entire portable museum. They are minor figurines, used over and over again to compose the major chimerical figure – an encrusted scape of colorful scales. Each one is hand made and unique yet part of community.

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