The front part of the parking facility designed by JOHO Architecture facing the river is a triangular unit, which is composed with 10 different angles from 60 degrees up to 150 degrees and reflects the scenes of light and city with the total units of more than 80. Contrarily the back surface of commercial area was finished with a flat surface. While the elevation plane toward the river was intended to express the speed of city by wrinkled image, the flat surface located in the western side directly projects the image toward Bojeong-dong café alley.

The polycarbonate used in this project has 5 layers. The external part was coated with violet color, and the internal part with white color. Additionally the external part was made with IR Coating and Coating surface treatment, which exerted such a feeling as the reflective surface of glass or metal depending on the angle of light. In the morning with the sun rising, it receives direct ray whose color of outer cover minutely appears to be white, and at noon indirect one whose color purely violet. In the afternoon with the sun setting, it reflects the evening glow and turns to be golden, while in the evening it reflects the internal lighting and external neon sign and directs unusual scenes.

Another characteristic of land is the point that the four surfaces are independently opened without facing different buildings. According to such characteristics of land, the composition of elevation plane was designed to direct various images at each vanishing point.

The opening part composed of stainless pattern consists of respectively different form and pattern at each vanishing point, whose design of automobile grill was applied inspired from the characteristics of this building’s being a facility for cars. As such an opening part is differently open on each floor and elevation plane the natural ventilation is available, and it properly projects inside, due to being cut off from the external part it was designed so as not to recognize from outside the fact that this building is a parking lot.

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