A cross between a vending machine, PEZ dispenser, and automated parking structure the Zipcar Dispenser inserts architecture into the implementation of high density shared automobile technologies. Conceived by Moskow Linn Architects, and touted recently by Build a Better Burb as part of their research into contemporary parking design, the core design principles of the proposal are to make Zipcars more fashionable and accessible while reclaiming urban lots along eastern seaboard communities.

Measuring 50 feet tall, 30 feet deep, and a mere 10 feet wide the car lot can stow up to 7 cars in a space usually allotted for two. The extremely narrow proportions make the technology a good choice for reclaiming the countless tiny brown field lots in cities which would otherwise be of little commercial value. The vending machine quality of the proposal works using a non-proprietary scissor crane technology which retrieves a car from one of the elevated bays. Moskow uses the analogy of the PEZ candy dispenser as a playful visualization of how users would engage with the system, where the act of retrieving the car is part of the experience.

The architects also suggest the street side oval canopy to be used as a billboard projecting over the sidewalk, adding commercial benefit to the structure. The transparent version of the canopy provides a quick visual innovatory for prospective users of the highly popular Zipcar system. With the advent of plug-in electric cars now widely available the system shows promise as a powering station as well.

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