The main inspiration for this project designed by Santosh Kumar Ketham is to explore the theme of re-using material collected from construction sites, including rusted steel and painted metal.

The pavilion to be located in Karmelitermarkt (market square) area of Vienna, will house a theatre for Indian Classical Music in addition to accommodating a small museum and other ancillary facilities. The lower level occupies performance zones and the upper level will have a concert hall.

The project aims to deploy mutation brought about by fire as the primary generator of pavilions geometry and disposition; transforming the site into heterogeneous ensemble of forms unified by functional distribution. The pavilion also aims to address the tension between what exists as an immediate built context and its intended use as a cultural promenade and gathering.

In the focused sensation of pointing and clicking that is more like painting than engineering. Image-forms are the product of speed up and slow down, slice and blend, fuse and separate. Yet, Investigating and applying the possibilities of emerging theories and test new design territories such as scripting, biogenetics, genetic codification, new materials and cellular systems are used for developing and presenting the design.

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