Resilient Stretch Housing

By:  | January - 30 - 2010

Special Mention – 2007 Housing Competition
Project by: YeaHwa Kim,  Ji Young Kim


Gradients of Transition:  A Resilient Stretch System

Our concept for the 21st century housing emerges from the complex demands of humans, and their interaction with the environment through technology.  The location of the project is the Bland House in Flushing Queens, New York, where there is a mixture of different cultures, businesses, and social classes that are interconnected through a complex system of transportation hubs.

This project explores the possibility of a progressive housing complex that responds to the site’s diversity through a series of studies that analyze their physical relationship and produces a repetitive and continuous stretch system that calibrates space and time through a range of mathematic algorithms.

The ‘Resilient Stretch System’ is developed from five spatial organizations: shifting continuity, vertical and horizontal growth, mutual infiltration, multi-functional displacements, and resilient clusters. These five elements are interlocked in a network of interactions between pre-existing conditions and future demands.




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